Paleo Athletic Breakfasts (5 meals)
The Kettlebell Cookery gourmet meals are made fresh every day, chilled, packaged and delivered personally by one of our drivers to the delivery location nearest you. We strive to provide all our customers with the freshest organic produce, free range chicken, grass fed beef, wild fish, and seafood. Deliveries are made every Sunday afternoon to ensure a fresh satisfying experience. With this plan the athletic portions come with 50% more food for those athletes that require more fuel.  We also give our customers the option to make substitutions for those who have allergies and/or dislikes towards certain foods. The athletic meal plan is set up for 5 athletic portioned breakfasts to be picked up on Monday.  If one would like for this to be changed to a custom combination of breakfasts, all you need to do is email any changes to