1. Sign up online on the website www.kettlebellcookery.com.

2. We will receive your order form upon submission and payment. From that point, we will process your order. If there are any discrepancies (i.e. Address issues, preference clarification, discount verifications, etc.), we will contact you and resolve the issue.

3. Once your order has been processed for the following week, your meals will be available for pick up at your desired pick up location WEDNESDAY morning (during their hours of operation).  

4. CROSSFIT or GYM MEMBERS – All deliveries are normally made to your “box” or gym location Tuesday afternoons so they are available to you Wednesday morning.

5. Please keep all meals refrigerated. All our meals are cooked and packaged without any added preservatives so please consider that they are freshest if consumed within 7 days of delivery.  *Some meals may be frozen at your discretion to extend this time window.  

6. All meals are placed in a microwave safe container. Usually your meals should require a minute and a half to two minutes of time to heat up (microwave settings may vary).

7. Please note that if your order has been placed no later than midnight on Friday of this week, you will receive your first set of meals starting the immediate Wednesday following the deadline. *Orders that are placed after the deadline on Friday will be scheduled to deliver the following Wednesday (one week from this upcoming Wednesday).

8. Remember, you can save 10% when you subscribe to a weekly meal plan.  Set up automatic recurring order so your meals will be ready to pick up each and every week without the stress of missing the reorder deadline.  You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time or request specific menu item changes by emailing us at kettlebellcookery@gmail.com