Traditional Athletic Entrées (5 Meals)

This meal plan comes with 5 Athletic Traditional Entrées(one of each from the weekly menu). These meals are made fresh, supply adequate protein, and have a blend of fresh vegetables. May include grains, pastas, and/or starchy vegetables, but substitutes are made in our Low Carb Meal Plans.

*Athletic Portions are 1.5x the portions of Regular Entrées.*

The Kettlebell Cookery gourmet meals are made fresh, chilled, packaged and delivered personally by one of our drivers to the delivery location nearest you. We strive to provide all our customers with the freshest ingredients available. Deliveries are made every Tuesday to ensure a fresh satisfying experience. We also give our customers the option to make substitutions for those who have allergies and/or dislikes towards certain foods.  If one would like for there to be any substitutions or custom combination of menu items, simply email any request to